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I attached a domain name to a ucoz.com subdomain using method 3.

I have clicked :

Redirect from the system subdomain to the connected one automatically:
A 301 redirect is set up from the default subdomain to the connected domain. When opening the website through the default subdomain, the user will be automatically redirected to this page on the connected domain. We advise you to enable this feature.

I have added https to the new domain.

Then i went to webmaster tools from Google and i added the new site (domain).

The old uCoz sub-domain site now can't be fetched because of robots.txt are not allowing.

Result is : most ucoz subdomain pages that were on first page of google now are either gone or on page 2-3-4-5.

New domain is not on first 50 pages.

Doesn't this robots.txt prohibiting Google to fetch old ucoz sub-domain makes Google not take into consideration the 301 redirect and all of the PAGE RANK that goes with it ?

Something must have gone terribly wrong or must i wait more ?

Help is needed !
Thank you.

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